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• Failure Busters - Are You Secretly Sabbotaging Yourself From Ever Really, Truly Getting Your Goal... And Keeping It?

• The #1 Biggest Mistake That Most People Make When Starting A Goals Plan Or Weight Loss Program - And How To Fix It

Get Past Fads - The First And Biggest Step You Must Take... And Why It'll Cost You A Fortune If You Don't

• How To End The Compulsion And Obsession And Create a Worry-Free Mindset So That You Have Continued Success... And Keep It That Way!

• The One Thing You're Currently Doing That's Almost Guaranteed To Get You Hurt. (Sadly, Almost Everyone Does This First, Before They Know Any Better)

• Why Forcing Yourself Using "Will-Power" Alone Is Completely Ineffective To Get Your Goal

• Are You Hiding From The Real Problem, Unaware That Facing It Makes It The Easiest And Most Fun Thing You've Ever Done?

Vaccinate Against Negativity, Complacency Crushing, & Control Creation...

• How To Get Your Life Back...And ... The Way Things Were Before You Ever Even Had The Problem (If You Can Remember It)

• How To Control Your Emotions So That You Are Not Just A Slave To Some Out-Of-Control Behaviors That End Up Getting You Into Trouble

• Stop the “I screwed up so I might as well ___" thinking

• How Taking Action On Your Plan Is A Lot Like Buying $5 Bills For $1

And much, much more...

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"Even after my first session, I already have a better grasp on life and who I am. This was far above my expectations. I really thought I was just going to be doing a news story. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my chest that I've been carrying around for years. Thank you." - Abbie Burke, News Reporter for Fox 21 News

"I have lost about 10 lbs. and 1 1/2" around the waist. ... have gone from a case of coke a week down to 2 cans a week. I followed the directions and I know I will keep losing more weight!" - Bryan Hirtle, Home Repair Contractor / Business Owner Gets Results!