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Dear Friend,

If you're like me, I know you're mindful about doing business on the internet. That's a reasonable attitude to have, especially in today's world. That's also why I put these comments together for you, so you could see that I really am "for real."

The comments below are from clients who are actually using the hypnosis programs and products with great success.

Many of them were skeptical at first. But with nothing to loose with my Stay-With-You Guarantee, they decided to give it a try... and discovered that it actually paid off.

You'll notice that these are not anonymous comments and letters, but remarks from real and genuine clients who have experienced real results.

Feel free to browse this page and hear their stories. Then decide for yourself if the hypnosis, consulting, etc. is for you.

This is an ongoing, ever-updated page, so please bear with the editing notes.

Our testimonials are so good that by federal law, we can't share them all at once; For our Testimonials Archives, email me... and I will send you a special page with additional testimonials.

When you're finished you can order online by Going Here or you can call me at 855-NOW-2426 (855-669-2426).


Chris Halbohm
The Nation's Weight Loss & Hypnosis Expert

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[Candace's Story]




Quits Nasty Smoking Habit & Gets Back To God
"I no longer feel like a victim! I don't have to smoke to feel good about myself. I don't need to go have a cigarette to take a 'time out' and escape. I don't need to look for a reason to go hide. I now can breathe fresh air. I can now go anywhere I want to go and stay as long as I want! I am in control of my life. I truly am walking on the lighted path with God." - Linda Anderson, housewife, Client



Faith Wins Over Fear
"Now I have more confidence, less stress - I have changed. If you truly have a goal that you've been afraid to attempt, or fears, then you can trust that you can come here…" - Teresa Ippoliti, Military Retiree, Client


Lost 10 Pounds
"I have gone from a case of coke a week down to 2 cans a week. I have lost about 10 lbs. and 1 1/2" around the waist. I followed the directions and I know if I keep doing so, I will keep losing more weight!" - Bryan Hirtle, Home Repair / Contractor Business Owner


Weight Loss Success
"I am already feeling and realizing differences. I go to the grocery store and don't go get a cookie from the bakery. I didn't even realize it until I got to my truck. I go out to eat and have no desire for deserts or alcohol. I eat about 1/2 my meals - I get 2 for 1!! My sister brought a coffee cake that I have eaten before and I took 2 bites and didn't want any more. I'm also not making excuses for not working out! This is so easy. All I have done is kept my appointments and listened..." - Bonnie Sepelak, Client



"I have a much more positive view of myself and am excited for the new me. Thanks!" - Colleen Parith, Client, Claims Adjuster



"Thanks to this, I look forward to living smoke free after 35 years." - Joe Norton, Client, Semi-Retired, Client



"This has taken my self-image and attitude to new heights. My fears and criticisms inside my thoughts have been forgotten and are now replaced with motivation and enthusiasm every day. I look forward to socializing and expressing myself with confidence. It has helped me to find my playful self. I like myself and feel calm in all situations. It is a joy to take care of my body with the proper food and a regimen of daily exercise. I am no longer abusive to my mind or body. This has taught me to be kind to myself so I can help those around me in a mature and confident manner."
"I am so grateful for this! After only 3 sessions of weight loss and listening daily to my weight loss CD, I am able to wear my belts one hole smaller! I am enthusiastic about my daily exercise routine and look forward to preparing smaller-portioned, healthy meals. I feel great and in control of my life!"
- Elaine Brandon, Client



"This has helped me see that losing weight can be fun! I look forward to my next sessions to see what they will teach me and what new skills I will learn to help me on this journey. I now have the motivation to exercise, to make the correct food choices, and drink more water! I now know that I CAN DO THIS!" - Maggie Hodges, Client, Office / Pikes Peak Cardiology, Client


"Absolutely the last 'weight loss' program you will ever go through! The lasting Freedom to eat nutrition-laden foods, and, yes!, actually push away the fats & sugars - which have always been a part of your life! Imagine waking up 'craving' exercise, water, and healthy food!! Does it work? For me - absolutely - in the first sessions - am in clothes too tight and down 6 1/2"! EASY! PAIN FREE! Fun! Put your trust in this and it will work for you too!" - Martha Beaty, Client, Retired Military, Client




As Seen On Local + National TV

"I came to this for help with stopping biting my fingernails - which really was just a symptom of an overstressed, perfectionist mentality. They helped me develop a better set of tools for coping with stress as well as giving me permission to relax, slow down, flow, and create boundaries to have a healthier lifestyle. I am very excited to have fingernails, now, that I can paint and not hide my hands. I find now I can sit still and focus and not fidget, but just be. The process has definitely been worth it!"
[re: classes]
"They have a wealth of knowledge to share. I have learned and continue to learn so much about myself and others. This teaching has helped me to be accountable in growing my business as well as enjoying the process along the way. While meeting with Chris individually and/or in a group, I continue to see the value of his training and suggestions for me both personally and professionally. During today's gathering, I realized some useful tools… I feel like he is unlocking learning and expanding on it all at the same time. Good stuff!"
- Jessica Bair, Client, Professional Organizer / Business Owner (MAS Movement)


"I am excited to say I've lost 2" at my waist, hips, & abs. I enjoy my daily walks and they are now a part of my life. I know the goals I set are happening before my eyes. It's easy & FUN."
- Bob Radosovich, Client, Deputy Clerk, Client


"I am feeling and realizing differences. I have noticed that I go to the grocery store + don't get a cookie from the bakery. I didn't even realize it until I got to my truck. I go out to eat + have no desire for alcohol. I eat about 1/2 of my meals that I order. I get 2 meals for 1!! My sister brought a coffee cake that I have eaten before + I took 2 bites + didn't want any more. This is so easy. All I have done is kept my appointments + listened to the CDs. I am also not making excuses for not working out!" - Bonnie Sepelak, Client

As Seen On Local + National TV

"I came here to do a news story about hypnosis and was curious to discover how it could help me lose weight. Turns out my weight wasn't the issue; it was my mind! Now I am looking forward to seeing how changing my mindset will improve all aspects of my life, from my weight, to my career, and in my personal relationships. I'll admit I was nervous at first and even a little skeptical, but I feel that even after my first session, I already have a better grasp on life and who I am. This was far above my expectations. I really thought I was just going to be doing a news story. I already feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my chest that I've been carrying around for years. Thank you." - Abbie Burke, News Reporter for Fox 21 News, Client


Quit Smoking
"I came to this to quit smoking, which I have been 7 days a fresh air breather. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I feel better, do not cough as much. It has been easy. I used to get upset and would lose my cool over little things, but this has shown me how to relax, be humble, and I'm learning to be a person again. To open up and be myself. I would recommend this course to anyone that needs to stop smoking and respect themselves and others." - Larry M. Bagley, Client, Mechanic
[+ video ~ 2 weeks later]


Results Happen Here...

"Being an entrepreneur and being responsible for my business's success can be overwhelming at times. The daily pressures of making sales, servicing my clients, and managing employees lead me here to help me make changes in myself to be a better business owner with more confidence, more empathy, less procrastination, and personal satisfaction with my life." - Doug Wilson, Client, Business Owner (IT Services)


"This will change how you feel about hypnosis. You will gain respect for yourself as they help you gain back control over areas that you want to change. Trust this to help you gain control over what you feel helpless to change. It works." - Elizabeth Jones, Mary Kay Representative, Client



"I have lost 7 1/2 inches overall, with 1 1/2" gone forever from my waist. I am excited to see what the future holds for me. This works, even with the the limitations of plantar fasciitis. I am still down in inches and I feel great. I feel lighter. My clothes are loser, and I am reaching back farther into my closet for clothes I have not worn in a while. I feel as though a heavy blanket has been lifted. I look forward to my time with the CDs because I am better and brighter just by listening and allowing myself to reach and be the new me. I have a life to live just for me - no more 'waiting until…' - My time is now!" - Laurie O'Connor, Client, Student Nurse / Computers


"I came here with no self confidence & didn't care about my appearance. I had given up on trying to look attractive and thinner. I learned a lot about my inner turmoils and why I felt the way I did about myself. Now, I feel a lot better about myself and my appearance. I am doing things to make myself proud. I had been to counselors and hypnotists before, but I learned more about myself and he knew me better than all of those counselors. He helped me so much more. I wanted to change for the better and be better the rest of my life and he is giving me the tools to do that. I am so glad I came to him and he agreed to work with me. I have lost inches and have more energy now. I don't just sit on the couch all the time. Thank you." - Debbie (Deb) Matousek, Client, Bookkeeper / Homemaker


Quit Smoking
"Living while being compulsed to disrespect my values and desires with behaviors I did not approve of had become a nightmare. The feelings of weakness and despair made it very hard to bring any joy or lightness to my relationships with the people I love. My program helped me to turn the volume down on my inner conflicts, leaving my compulsive 'need' to sedate myself just sitting there alone. Being able to destroy this [habit] is huge for me. There are so many more good and lovely things to see and feel when you are not trying to justify your life from a position of disrespect. I would recommend their guidance to anyone dealing with will-power issues that are causing major discomfort in your life. With the desire to heal it, it shouldn't be hard at all."
[re: classes]
"The class gave me, as my sessions always do, a place to hear the best thing I can do for myself right now. Their words give me clarity as to what my responsibility is to myself this day and that I am foolish to let that out of my sight in favor of the normal mind-stuff that keeps me from experiencing my desires for respect, humility, and the grace and guidance that comes from practicing those virtues."
"The sessions at the hypnosis center have been amazing. I know that when I leave, I will be focused on what it is I need to do. Each time it is a different focus that is deeper and clearer than before, almost like I have spent a whole weekend class or training, but in just an hour or so. They are very wise and committed and clearly have the skills and integrity to take their clients where they want to go and do not send people off 'half-baked'. If you are committed to the changes you wish for, they will devote their time to seeing you arrive there. That is priceless. Good luck and God bless you."
- Ethan Engle, Client


Quit Smoking
"I was tied to smoking, at a cost of $10-$15 per day - an expense that was getting harder to maintain with our current economy. I now have money in my pocket that can go to other things + am no longer tied to cigars. Also, I am more motivated, not so sluggish, and can breathe easier. It was somewhat hard at first, but by listening to the CD + by reading the card day by day it gets easier. I don't miss the smoking at all + am glad to be a Tobacco Free Person." - Tim H., Client
[+ video]


[LivingSocial People]
"After the very first session, cravings were diminished and I stayed on track on exercise. Looking forward to more reinforcement for positive living." - Carol Guinta, Photographer / Graphic Designer, Client


"Starting hypnosis has shown me a lot. I feel more balanced, able to control my feelings and relate to people better. My health has gotten better + eating has improved. I feel like I am on the path God wants for me again, and am filled with hope."
"My experience at the hypnosis center has been an opportunity to jump back on the path where God would like me to be. I am being helped to live to my full potential, embrace life, not be afraid, and focus intensely on the purpose God has for my life. I feel that Christians have an unfounded fear of hypnosis and believe that it is in some way offensive to the Lord, afraid that you have to give up control of your mind. However, with Chris's techniques, that couldn't be further from the truth! I don't feel in any way that I am out of control of my mind. In fact, I feel sharper and more equipped to handle stress and remain emotionally stable. Chris operates with a high level of integrity. God had lead me to be involved with hypnosis for very good reasons!"
- Nicole C, Client


"The program was powerful & uplifting. Chris was insightful, observant, & gracious. I thank Chris for raising my awareness about many hurdles I had constructed in my own path." - Catherine Gilsey, Client


"Feel very relaxed + refreshed. I learned so much about myself + feelings that I didn't know I had. I feel very confident that I am leaving today with the knowledge that I need to succeed not only with weight loss, but also in other areas of my life. I would like to express my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to this for allowing me to explore different avenues to a successful + healthy life." - Tee Terrill Smelser, Hughes Supply Branch Manager, Client


"Thank you for suggesting to work on my patience. I've noticed some improvement and I don't get irritated at my husband as easily anymore. Looking forward to more and better changes in my life." - Marina Gorbounov, Realtor, Client


"Wow! Never have I felt so relaxed and peaceful. This was not what I expected. This approach to starting my weight loss journey was about truth. I will use this to learn control. Thank you all!" - Catherine Matz, Client


"Less stressed, following directions, more enthusiastic about motivation. Feel calmer. Drinking more water than before (craving). Better decisions with eating habits. Seeing a better and improved me." - Tina Sensabaugh, Student, Client




Literally Hundreds More Testimonials, Just Like These, Are Available In Our Testimonials Archives And In Person. Please Email Me If You Would Like To View Them, And We Will Simply Send To You A Special Link With Some More…
Thank You.




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