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What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?
How To Lose Weight Naturally And Fast

It is often heard that the what is the fastest way to lose weight is also not necessarily the safest. That is true, but, it is also true that in order to succeed, it helps to feel some successes straight away. In other words, once you begin a weigh loss program and you begin to see, feel (or hear) the beginnings of success, it only helps you to move forward further.

Also, if your goal is dealing with how to lose weight naturally and fast, then let's emphasize the "naturally" part, because, quick weight loss is totally possible, even when doing it with natural means. It just needs to be safe. (We talk more about that in a separate article.)

Often, when folks are searching for a weight loss program, diet, or solution, they are suffering from feeling out of control, feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, or insecure, and probably physically uncomfortable and can't fit into clothes or cute styles of clothing that you like. Among the top hassles about overweight are also: the inability to do activities (like play with your kids / grandkids), a limited social life, and just a personal guilt / shame that turns into self-pity.

If you can relate to any of those, then you are well on your way to taking the next steps, because, identifying with the pain of excess weight is the first - and often most challenging step - to do.
The next step - especially if you are wanting to know how to lose weigh naturally and fast - is to identify the key things - actions - that you will need to take in order to get thin right away and in a way that does not harm your health.

Very simply put, there are four main actions that you need to take in order to lose weight - whether you are wanting to do it quickly or just gradually. But keep in mind that there is really no need to do it slowly, because, if you lose weight quickly AND naturally at the same time, that is ok, right? In other words losing weight naturally AND fast is not a bad idea. It is a good idea.

The four actions that you need to do are - (We go into more detail on each of these in other articles, videos, and the group classes):

• Eat reasonably well - you probably already know what foods are going to make you fatter and which ones will be good for helping yourself to stay thin. You may need the skills, such as hypnosis, to make that seem easy, but you get the idea.
• Drink plenty of water - Water helps in many ways to help you lose weight. 6-8 glasses a day is ideal. But, of course, just make it a general rule that you do this.
• physical exercise - Just remember that exercise done wrong will blow your weight loss program.
• "a new you" - the mental part of losing weight fast is perhaps more important than all the others. Can you imagine how much more quickly and easily your weight loss can be when you are given (and accept) the hypnosis suggestions such as "you enjoy your food more, while eating less", "you feel fuller while eating less".

Can you imagine what difference simplifying your life would make your weight loss efforts?

Then, the next thing to do it always have a goal that goes beyond your weight loss goal. In other words, it's amazing who much more wonderfully quick a couple here in the weight loss clinic will lose weight once they identify that they "really want to take that cruise next spring," and "really want to enjoy it for the first time!"

So, begin to take your actions...

See you soon.



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