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How To Lose Weight In Columbus, Ohio (OH)

Hypnosis for weight loss has become a respected method for motivating individuals for success.
Often, you start your search for a weight loss program or solution by noticing how you feel or what you see about yourself or your problem that you don't like. That is a wise place to start, because, it is what will lead you to the next step.

Recognize that individuals who want to lose weight often are plagued by persistent pains and hassles of overweight that are almost debilitating - if not physically, then emotionally. You might be wishing that you could play or roll around on the floor with your kids or grandkids more..; you might feel depressed about the fact that it limits your social life; maybe you are feeling insecure or out of control.

It is ok to face these things.

Hypnotherapy has long become a solution to help your weight loss efforts to be as easy and fun as possible!

Have you ever been driving your car and daydream a little bit and maybe missed a turn?.. Or, you might have gotten home and not even realized "how you got there". Of course, you know, but it seems like you weren't even paying attention.

That, in hypnotherapy, is what is called "subconscious competence" - when you are so good at something that you don't even have to think about it.

Hypnosis can make it fun to learn, because, it is usually a calm experience that opens up your mind to new ideas, ways of seeing things.

Keep in mind two things:
1 - that losing weight successfully really has to do with an attitude. It is *not* magic. Although it may seem like magic that it is happening to you or for you, really you are agreeing. That is why it's a "suggestion".
2 - it's just the same as all of the other individuals who have done it before you. In other words, the most successful weight loss client in the clinic is the person who is agreeable, fun to teach, and has a general sense of curiosity about what he or she will learn next.

More about modeling successful clients in other articles, but for now, recognize that they are generally, easy-going, enjoying the fun benefits and rewards of their success in losing weight, and they are taking a responsibility for themselves, even in learning the self-hypnosis.

If you are a hypnosis training or certification student of mine, then you have heard me tell the story of the weight loss client who turned to me as we began her session.. putting her hand on my forearm, she said to me "you know, I almost feel sorry for those who have not had the experience of being overweight and then getting thin like this."

What she was saying is that she was having so much fun and ease with her weight loss program that she wished everyone could experience the same thing.

Hypnotherapy, as it is called in Columbus, Ohio (in New Jersey is called "Hypnocounseling") is just a difference of words, but is really the same thing. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. So, you could seek a hypnotherapist, a hypnocounselor, or a hypnotist, and they are all the same. In fact, I train students that they should use the term "hypnotist" over "hypnotherapist" because it's a lot more accurate and much more fun for the hypnosis client - who, let's face it, simply wants to get the solution.

Weight loss is a fun and exciting thing to do. That woman, who I mentioned, is right - It is an eye-opening experience, gives you a real sense of peace and calm and that you can do it, and it also empowers you with many other tools to help to connect with family better. …just a myriad of benefits, that, frankly, I think go far above and beyond just the weight loss.

Remember that, in order to lose weight and keep it off, you really will have to find a weight loss program that is fun and easy.

Hypnosis offers that possibility.

Feel free to get in touch for a free screening.

...And, begin to take your actions…



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